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Hiring Talent now in Wilmywood:


TNT’s GOOD BEHAVIOR (SEASON 3) EXTRAS CASTING ??? No word yet if GB will film a third season in Wilmywood. Check back!

Taylor Woodell of TW Casting.  E-mail


Excellent Talent Agencies in the Carolinas and Georgia.  Regardless of their location, their actors work in NC , SC, GA and nationally as well. 


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  3. Yall are filming a 1/2 mile from my house in yucky fort mill. I don’t have an “agent”, be willing to work on anything for free for the experience. I’m from Charlotte and got trapped here due to divorce. I”m a tv and movie junky and was just about to sell a house 1/2 down from this which I just bought but hate the country boonies. I know it won’t happen, but I’ll do any task to get outta this place, taking people to hot spots, cooking southern style home cooked meals…anything. I’m at stay at home mom to 2 preteens down the road from u. we arent red neck trash but can act like it if necessary. My 11 yr old girl has the acting bug from birth,attached is (oh and we lived in salt lake shitty for 12 years, that’s why i’m single)

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