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If you are looking for locations used for TV shows and Movies that were shot here in Wilmington, NC (New Hanover County), or in the surrounding counties of Brunswick, Pender and Onslow, we have  a few good resources and lists for you.  The page is still in progress and always being updated.  Can you help us add to the list? Message us and let us know.



Filming  took place at a ton of locations in Wilmington over the years.  WilmingtonAndBeaches.com has the full list.  Here are a few from them.

  • Riverfront Park (Water Street, across from the Alton Lennon Federal Courthouse) where Andie and Pacey first kissed).
  • Riverboat Landing (2 Market St.) appears as a coffeehouse
  • Island Passage Elixir (4 Market St.) the boutique in the episode “Full Moon Rising.”
  • Black Cat Shoppe (8 Market St.) Capeside CD shop
  • Delphina Cantina (5 S. Water St.) Leery’s Fresh Fish)
  • The Riverfront Visitor Information Booth (Market and Water streets) appeared as a hot dog stand and as a snack bar)
  • Buzz’s Roost Restaurant (15 S. Front St.) where Joey made her singing debut)
  • N Salo  (212 N. Front St., former location of Screen Play Video–Pacey’s after-school workplace)

See more on the Dawson’s Creek Fact Page 




Again, filming  took place at a ton of locations in Wilmington over the years.  WilmingtonAndBeaches.com has the full list.  Here are a few from them.

  • Riverfront Park (Water Street, across from the Alton Lennon Federal Courthouse) is recognizable as the backdrop for outdoor basketball games.
  • Black Cat Shoppe (8 Market St.; formerly CD Alley) was the CD store where Chris (Tyler Hilton) worked.
  • The outdoor patio of Delphina Dos Cantina (5 S. Water St.) served as an open-air produce market
  • Blue Post Billiards (15 S. Water St.-ages 21+) has appeared many times and is where Lucas and Brooke went on their ‘tattoo’ date.
  • The restaurant “9” at 9 S. Front Street doubled as a restaurant during Season 5.
  • Dixie Grill (116 Market St.) as a diner in Season 7
  • New Hanover County Public Library (Chestnut St.) posed as a health clinic.

See more on the One Tree Hill Fact Page.  The OneTreeHillWeb.net site also has a great list as well.




New Hanover County locations:

  • For season two, Graham’s Barber Shop (5th & Castle Streets) will be Dwight Yoakam’s aka Lyle’s Barbershop.
  • Julia’s house is at 1716 Chestnut St.
  • 1709 Chestnut Street
  • 1811 Chestnut Street
  • 305 N. 15th Street
  • 1812 Princess Street
  • The 6th St. bridge – where the kids party after the dome came down.
  • The Independent Newspaper office is at 6th & Castle Streets for season two.
  • New Hanover High School on Market St. will serve as the exterior school for season two.  Most of the interiors are on Screen Gems sound stages.
  • Halyburton Park
  • Greenfield Lake Skate Park – bonfire with Ben skateboarding at night.
  • One Tree Hill Way (Next to Screen Gems Studios)
  • Campbell Street between 14th and 15th

Brunswick County locations:

  • The white two-story home on East Bay Street has been used as a funeral parlor as well as the home of “Big Jim” Rennie.  This house however is used for Big Jim’s back porch.  The interior of his home is in New Hanover County on Chestnut St.
  •  Trinity United Methodist Church on East Nash St.
  • The U.S. Post Office on East Nash St.
  • The pilot’s tower on the waterfront is the exterior of the radio station.  The interior is on a sound stage at Screen Gems.
  • Southport Motorcars on North Howe St. is Big Jim’s car lot.
  • Ocean Trail Convalescent Center is the Chester’s Mill Clinic.

This Pinterest page is fabulous for locations in BC.

Pender County Locations:

  • Burgaw Courthouse serves as the Chester’s Mill police station and town hall. (Think Gallows)
  • Burgaw – Dee’s Drugstore is the town’s pharmacy that got raided in season one.



The pilot episode was filmed in Gastonia, Salisbury, and Charlotte, North Carolina, however they made the move to Wilmington for the rest of season one and now two. The aerial footage however is the real deal. That is New York – it’s the actual Village of Sleepy Hollow and the surrounding Tappan Zee region.

There is plenty of action when Sleepy Hollow is in production in multiple counties as this show is a monster.  It is not surprising to see them running up to 3 production units some days.  Long hours for the cast and crew, but the end result is worth it! So, where do they shoot?  Well, four out of the ten sound stages at EUE/Screen Gems Studios belong to them as well as the entire back lot. Season one, they shot at many locations, including:

  • New Hanover County Courthouse (Wilmington) – N. 3rd St. – the official exterior of the Sleepy Hollow Police Headquarters.
  • Graystone Inn (Wilmington)- S. 3rd St.
  • Brooklyn Arts Center (Wilmington)- N. 4th St.
  • Bellevue Cemetery (Wilmington)- Headless has galloped through this location many a nights.
  • House at the corner of 15th and Chestnut St.(Wilmington) – The little boy Kyle’s house in Episode 1.4
  • Battleship Park (Wilmington) – Golem Carnival
  • Larry’s Tires (Currie) was Geronimotors.
  •  The exterior of the old Atkinson High School has been transformed into the Tarrytown Mental Hospital. It is located in Atkinson, NC.  As for the interior, some of the interior is the old school, some is a set on stage like Jenny’s (Lyndie Greenwood) room, and some is the old Brunswick hospital.  




The 38 day shoot from Feb to April 2012 primarily was filmed at EUE/Screen Gems Studios.  In March while the kids at UNCW (S. College Rd.) were on Spring Break, they shot on campus for the classroom scenes.

The most famous location of course was the house.  This find was in Pender County at 405 Canetuck Road, Canetuck, NC: The exterior of this private residence which lays on the Black River was the one and only haunted house owned by the Perron family.  However, most of the interior shots were filmed at Screen Gems Studios. Other locations include:

  • First Baptist Church, 411 Market St. (Wilmington)
  • St. James Episcopal Church, 25 S. Third St. (Wilmington) – these were the office and attic scenes.
  • Carolina Apartments, 420 Market St. (Wilmington)
  • The Carolinian Inn, 2916 Market St. (Wilmington) – They used both interior and exteriors.




The entire movie was shot in New Hanover, Pender, Bladen and Brunswick Counties and the final few days they headed to Niagra Falls.

  • The Blue Post (S. Water St.) – The restaurant and bar where Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon meet Gary Cole.
  • Smith Creek Bridge (Castle Hayne Road).
  • Private residence (Kathy Bates’ house) 334 Cabbage Inlet Lane, Wilmington, N.C
  • 1601 Dawson Street (Two Fat Ladies Restaurant)
  • 6th Street bridge.
  • The Carolinian Inn, 2916 Market St. (Wilmington)
  • White Lake (Bladen County) -the scenes with campers.
  • Spring Lake Park (near 161 Pine Road, Boiling Springs Lakes) Jet ski scene
  • The Grille on Main St. in Shallotte was transformed into “Topper Jacks” when in the teaser trailer Tammy robs a diner.



  • The Cape Fear River in front of the Wilmington Hilton Riverside – scenes passengers falling out of Air Force 1
  • Wilmington International Airport was used for the scene where the president and Iron Patriot ascend the air stairs to Air Force One.
  • The former National Gypsum Plant (near the State Port on River Rd.). The massive parking lot was used for exterior sets including the exterior of Mann’s Chinese Theater, Tony’s Malibu mansion, the deck of the of the Roxxon Oil Tanker that figures prominently in the film’s climax.
  • The State Port (end of Shipyard Blvd.), and especially the container cranes, are used in the film’s finale.
  • The hospital interiors/exteriors are New Hanover Regional Medical Center.
  • Steven’s Hardware (1831 Dawson St.) – Christmas scenery.
  • The Tennessee town in a winder wonderland was shot in Rose Hill, NC.
  • EUE/Screen Gems Studios sound stages

MORE TO COME – Can you help us add to the list?  Got a movie location you want to know about?  What else should we include on the list? Leave a comment below and tell us!



  1. We’re the Millers

    Fair scene shot over by Lowes Food in Leland

    Hospital scene shot at the medical center in same area.

    Iron Man news conference shot at the same medicial center

    Water tower scene in iron man shot in Keanen

  2. I’ve been in contact with the City of Wilmington NC Government facebook page, EUE/Screen Gems Studios, as well as Pender Tours for the filming locations for Stephen King’s 1985 movie, Silver Bullet. I have found a lot of locations with the help of Pender Tours and I’m waiting to hear back from EUE/Screen Gems Studios. I have a facebook fan page for Silver Bullet and one of the things I have on there is a photo album for “Then and Now” pics. Stills (Then) from the movie, along with Google Maps street view of the locations (Now). I’d love to visit all the areas in person but til then, the next best thing has been Google Maps. I know that the locations for the Bridge scene, the Gazebo, and the kite and benches by the water are on Greenfield Lake. Is the opening scene with Arnie Westrum on the train tracks by Wilmington Ports?

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